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Angus 'Ramsey' Macdonald and Ian 'Shockan' Maciver were both born and bred in the Western Isles, both with a strong connection to Bragar, an idyllic village on the West coast of the Isle of Lewis.

Their connection goes back generations, with both of their fathers serving on the same Destroyer in World War II  and with both of their Grandfathers deemed lost when their fishing boat was caught in a storm out in the Atlantic which swept them far from land. They both returned home to walk into the 'wake' which was taking place to mark their loss.

The Partnership between Ramsey and Shockan began in 1982 with the creation of Macdonald Maciver & Co. They became a limited company in 2009. However, the family connection continues in that their children are both now working with the company.

When the doors first opened in 1982 they had no clients but the expectation was high and within 6 months that optimism was rewarded with the company going from strength to strength until the present day where it represents a large portion of both commercial and individual clients within the Western Isles.

Ian Maciver has now retired but Ramsey continues to represent the majority of individuals within the courts in the Western Isles.

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